Different ways to add shade to your patio

image courtesy of austinpergola.net

There are many ways to add shade to your patio this summer. An excellent and reliable way to add shade to your patio is by constructing a pergola. Pergola’s don’t provide full shade but still lets a little bit of sunlight through, while still providing relief from the harshest of rays. When placed directly next to a sliding door or window it also helps keep the inside of your house cool by blocking direct sunlight.

The next step up from just a normal pergola will be to add a
screen or a similar
form of shade
to your pergola. this can transform it into great area
for entertaining your guests, any time of the day. Adding a screen to your
pergola also gives a great deal of privacy.

You can always add a timber screen
to your house. While it does not block out the sun entirely it allows you to
still enjoy your view while still blocking out most of the sun as well as
providing privacy. You can also slide a screen door, so you can get it out of
the way when you don’t need it.

Another option is to simply convert an entire section of your patio into an inside/outside entertainment room using a timber enclosure. This is perfect for getting the family over and having a braai, come good or bad weather.

So while there are many different ways to give shade to your
patio, one solution might be more suited to you than another. Contact
us now
to find what option would be best for you and to get a quote.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Deck For Your Home

As summer fast approaches, being outdoors is where most people prefer to spend their time and outdoor decking is the perfect way to create a great entertainment area for relaxing, dining or enjoying sundowners without ever leaving your own home. As South Africans, a good braai or some sundowners is how we like to enjoy summer days so outdoor decking is the perfect home improvement investment.

The two main types of decking material that gets used are wood timber decks and composite decks. Wood timber decks are generally made from a variety of hardwood timbers such as pine, jarrah, spotted gum and blackbutt, to mention just a few. Composite decks are made from a combination of recycled materials such as wood and plastic which offers homeowners a long-lasting and good-looking deck.

Both hardwood and composite decking are similar in price due to the fact that they are both long-lasting, high-quality materials. Timber decking can last a lifetime if well-maintained, while on the other hand composite decking will only last 20 – 30 years but requires much less maintenance. Timber is one of the most environmentally friendly materials you can use. The recyclable materials used in composite decking are also environmentally friendly but plastic generally has more of an impact on the environment than other materials such as timber.

Overall, the best type of deck for your home is what suits you best, the amount you care about the environment and how willing you are to either spend money or break a sweat maintaining your outdoor decks. For our customers, neither of these is a problem because we provide a reliable and affordable service, making your choice simple.